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Maynard's Puzzle

to maximize your experience and understanding read this on a computer, do some lite research while reading through it. It helps to have multiple windows open with the lyrics and wiki ready. Don't be mentally lazy, you'll only get out of this what you put into it.
A Perfect Circle

Now we will see how A Perfect Circle fits into the entire scheme of things.


In the song Lateralus when Maynard says "Spiral out", it is an instruction that the story continues on to A Perfect Circle.

The Fibonacci Spiral theory connects to the APC albums in a very interesting way, but that will be explained later.

From Lateralus the story branches out into A Perfect Circle. The first three APC albums are a parallel story, very much like a conversation between people who don't understand each other, like they speak different languages.

The three APC albums represent the three sections of the ancient Rosetta Stone, a device used to translate languages.

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